We use Scarlet Macaw brand. Their Premium Line. Currently, we are using 100% Colombian Valle de Cauca Estate coffee beans. It's USDA & GCIA Certified ORGANIC.  Certified BIRD FRIENDLY by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, also certified by The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE.

Premium is all we serve-- call us coffee snobs if you must. But try a cup first-- we bet you'll be hooked, too.

Our coffee is freshly brewed constantly throughout the day. Every day, we offer:
In addition to our Iced Regular flavor we have:                                                                              French Vanilla     Chocolate Hazelnut     Cupcake    Toasted Almond    Jamaican Me Crazy       Chocolate Raspberry Creme    Coffee Cake    Vanilla Marshmallow   Decaffeinated Regular
 Seasonal Flavors Available

Decaf Coffee
Our Decaf coffee is decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Decaf method, which is more dependable than traditional decaffeination methods. It removes more caffeine, leaves the bean less tainted, and the process is completed without using any chemicals whatsoever. So caffeine-free patrons: you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without going Regular.

Iced Coffee
We brew our iced coffee every single day, so you know it's fresh. And what else? We didn't like the idea of watering down our gourmet coffee with regular ice. We do things a little differently: We make ICE CUBES out of COFFEE!!! So go ahead and leave your iced coffee in the car while you run your errands-- when you come back, your coffee will stay cool AND undiluted.

Need Our Brew at Home?
We also sell our coffee beans by the pound in Regular, Swiss Water Decaf, or Gourmet Flavors, whole or ground however you like. Let us know what flavor you'd like and we'll order it for you